ASK-13 building report


The model is built at scale 1:10, so this leads to the following list of characteristics:

Weight (est.):0.800 kg
Wing span: 1.600 m
Wing area: 0.173 m2
Wing loading: 46.15 g/dm2

When compared to the real ASK-13, measures appear to scale down nicely. Lengths are 1:10, areas are 1:100 and volumes 1:1000. By these ratios, the weight should be in the order of 400g, but this is not reachable nor desirable. Speed scales down with length, and hence cruise speed should be in the order of 2m/s. This is way too low to generate sufficient lift: aerodynamics do not scale down with other measures.
The target weight is twice what it should be at scale, and the cruise speed must be at least 4 times the scale speed in order to obtain sufficient lift.

Average wing chord:0.120 m
Cl (E205, 5°):0.7
Cruise speed:10 m/s
Total lift:0.755 kg

To be continued...