ASK-13 scale model

ASK13 - PH521  ASK13 - dashboard

The ASK-13 glider is a two seater, which is often used for training purposes. It is also the plane in which I made my own first flights, on Teuge airport (left image).
Alexander Schleicher GmbH introduced the glider in the sixties, which is also the time of my youth when I used to watch them near Hilversum.

The design of the ASK-13 is very elegant, and has some unusual features. At first glance one notes that the wings point forward. This allows the rear person to be located near the center of gravity since the spar connection is moved backward. The weight distribution is therefore virtually the same when flying single or dual. Another typical chaacteristic is that the rudder is mounted behind the elevator wing.

Picking up an old hobby I decided to build a scale model of the ASK-13. However, the drawings and kits available on the market appeared to be too large for my taste, ranging from 1:4 to 1:6 (see the links section). So these pages are about my efforts to make the drawings and the model on a 1:10 scale, based on whatever info was available on the web about the real thing and the other models.

Please note: The material on this web site is free for download and personal use, but be aware that this is not a beginners project. Although much care has been given to make correct drawings, they may still contain some flaws: if you find any, please drop me an email.